CES Africa Investment (CESAI) Co. Ltd is a privately owned local ICT company, established in the year 2005. The company deals with software development and custom-based ICT solutions, especially internet-based, data base-driven, the design of network infrastructures and its implementations. We also specialise in computerisation of Fixed Asset Management and Tracking, using "state-of-the art" software and hardware.

Our primary objectives are to induce programming habit in solving problems related to information management. We do this by either being outsourced by other organisations in solving their ICT related problems or by developing our own software.

CESAI has an army of specialised and experienced experts qualified in business and information management system, software engineering, programming, IT and web-consulting. They represent a strong team, which is reliable and committed to deliver best results on a timely basis.

CESAI has a proven track record for delivering best ICT solutions to SMEs, large coorperations, government ministries and agencies throughout Tanzania. Should you choose to work with us, we guarantee positive results!


Reg. Name: CES Africa Investment (CESAI) Co. Ltd

Certificate of incorporation no: 53825

Date of registration: 13th September 2005

VAT: 40-001744-R

TIN: 103-947-669


Business license No: B 000987099

(Computer and Software)

Business license No: B 000987100(printing)

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