Customer Services and Front Office Systems

Our Customer Service and Front Office Systems are designed, developed and manufactured by our partner, ONLINET – one of the European leading experts in Customer Service and Front Office Systems.


  • Queue Management System Benefits
  • - Reduces waiting times. - Increases number of daily transactions. - Increase staff efficiency. - Increases customer satisfaction. - Increases sales and cross-sales
  • Information and Self-service Kiosk Benefits
  • - Services are accessible 24/7 (outdoor kiosk). - Unique advertising tool. - Increases sales efficiency hence increase revenues.
  • Digital Poster Benefits
  • - Replaces static images with dynamic content. - Sends higher purchase impulses. logistic, distribution, local replacement, other related costs).
  • nteractive Window Display Benefits
  • - New communication channel. - Creates interactive communication. - Attractive. - More positive company image.
  • Digital Signage Benefits
  • - Decreases expenditures. - Provides 24-hour long services to customers. - Increases service efficiency. - Disencumbers administrator.
  • Customer Service Software Benefits
  • - Generates flexible reports at a push of a button. - Makes possible the objective measuring of staff efficiency. - Provides necessary information for strategic decision-making.

    Do you know
    ...what is the average waiting time in your branch network?

    Do you know long does it takes to sell a service and how after-sales administrationis required?

    Do you know
    ...which branch is the most efficient in customer service today or this week?

    Do you know a specification branch, which employees' perfoormance are the best, and who might need additional training?

    Do you know
    ...regarding a campaign that has just started yesterday,, how many customers were interested todaay

    ONLINET Systsems provide satisfactory answers to these questions and even more!

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