Through our website:- we offers a wide range of interns and which are either part time or full time related interns and in private, public and non-profit organizations. By focusing solely on the world of interns, we have been able to structure our services to scale up the needs of our clients.

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Members have a 24/7 direct access to our online interns and job opportunities. Browse through each listing by cateegories for free or else become a member and apply to employers directly. The interns that are currently available in Tanzania are fashion interns, IT interns, Engineering interns, sports interns, magazine interns, PR interns, advertising interns, entertainment interns and journalism interns.

Get registered and apply it right now and you will definitely find the interns you always search. The membership options are free and remember this is very hard to find.

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Log into our website now and get your membership as soon as possible! Pleaze do not be uncertain to reap these opportunities. Remember through our website you will be able to :- Access job opportunities instantly

Accesss other information such as articles, jourrnals and data bases of students in TAnzania and is free of charge.

Many of our interns are unadvertised. Employers contact us directly to advertise their listings. Remember, these posts are not going to be found anywhere.

Your membership is good one for a year and therefore is possible to search for jobs as much as you can.

About Practical Training

Apart from that, we also offer fields to the University and College students in various seasons throghout the year.

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