In offering queue management solutions and software, have made a partnership with ONLINET. ONLINET is a leading technogy company that designs and manufactures electronic queue management system. These are software and hardware tools that are either made to cut off queues, provide customers feedback or customer related management services (CRMs). They are also designed to increase company,s yield by improving operation efficiencies and cutting off costs

Why queue management system? Think of documents you need to provide once you want to open a bank account. While queue mamnagement system is there, there wouldnn't be a need of employing people, who will be there to provide such kind of service (Customre service). Istead there would be a machine, specifically made to serve customers and at a 24/7 opening. The machine wouldn't demand either a lunch break or an overtime pay. Its high efficiency capability will enable a company to improve most of its services. Starting from prompt services to the reduction of customers' complains, the company will ended up being more efficient, confident and proud in offering the services mostly desired by customers

Among the areas queue management system and software covers include; Consulting, Queue Management System, Information and Self Service Kiosk, Digital Signage and Businesss Intelligence Software.

You will enjoy the following benefits;-

   Services accessible even 24/7(Outdoor Kiosk)

   Staffs relieved from mamny other routine tasks

   Increased number of daily transactions

   Marketing and advertising costs are also reduced

   More positive company's image

   Incrased sales efficiency

   Increased revenues

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