SOS Online BackUp

SOS-East Online BAckup is an online backup solution that offers the best way to protect your precious personal and/or corporate data, as it stores them in secure versions offsite. It is faster than the competing solutions and other backups like face book backups, and on iphone and android applications are worthy plusses.

Why online backup?

There is no way to predict what sort of disasters might possibly wipe your data and that is why storing a copy of it in the cloud is such an important way to protect it and others reasons like;-

    Loosing access to critical business data would be disastrous.

    Destructing current backup system like tape fails and external and thumb drives can unreliable.

    A fail-safe to tape and disc system for disaster recovery

    Natural disaster, fire and theft

    Shrinking IT budgets that curtail staffs available to pro-actively manage data backups

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