Asset Pricing Intelligence

With the Pricing Tool in your hand, asset pricing becomes no headache at all, the process becomes as simple as just specifying your asset specifications.


Definition of Asset Pricing Details
Pricing Tool allows for knowledge base definition of the pricing details of assets, by defining the specifications/attributes of an asset and its corresponding price, these details will be available for use in the future during price determination.
Price Determinations as You Register an Asset
Pricing Tool smoothens the valuation experience for the valuer, by determining the price of an asset as it is being defined in the system, means that the resources that would have gone to waste to attain that piece of information have been saved.
Important Asset Data from Excel for Pricing
Pricing Tool also supports pricing collection of assets, by uploading asset specifications properly formatted in an Excel sheet, only lacking the price.


Standard Report

Summary Report
VAS produces standard summary reports as per station as per category.

Valuation Report
VAS produces standard valuation report either as a normal spreadsheet or pdf. Such a report can further be customised to fit valuer requirements.

CSV Download
Approved assets can be downloaded as spreadsheet in CSV (Comma Delimited) format which are sorted by various profiles (station, category, etc). These CSV can be used as input to asset management systems like Asset Intelligence or WiseTrack.

VAS allows registered assets to be processed by different users in a workflow from Valuer to Supervisor to administrator and vice versa before being approved.

VAS assures protection against valuer's work as registered asset can be modified by a valuer oneself. Supervisor and Administrator have a read only option.

Easier to use
The user friendly system interface makes easy for you to interact with the system functionalities.

Being a web based system; VAS has been designed to comply with different browsers.

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